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Chief Solano currently does not have a ship, but we are looking for parents and sea scouts to start a ship in our district.  If you have an interest, email me at:

Former Ships in Chief Solano District

Ship 8046 – Seabee,  sponsored by American Legion
Ship 8001 – Chief Solano,  sponsored by Solano Maritime Foundation
Ship 139 – Sea Horse, sponsored by Solano Maritime Foundation

These ships sailed around the bay, took veterans on Memorial Day and Veterans Day to see the  Battleship USS Iowa when it was a part of the mothball fleet.  The Sea Scouts are trained in seamanship, helped to develop character and moral values..  They also participate in Regattas which are a weekend of fun (athletic and social events), fellowship, and nautical competition.


Michael Bolin

Michael Bolin

Michael “Doc” Bolin – was the last Commodore for the Chief Solano Sea Scouts.  He was involved with the Sea Scouts for 20 years and obtained his Ship Master license (not required for the positions in Sea Scouts) from the US Coast Guard. He is currently the Religious Program Coordinator for Chief Solano District.   email:


Advancement Chair, Chief Solano District
Cathy Walton-Woodson   email:


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